Twitter Photo Tagging

What the what?!?!?!

We discovered this beauty feature on Twitter’s web interface that’s been hiding like a wallflower at the sock hop. But no more! It’s time for it to shine. Get to know…photo tagging! You can contact Andrew Defrancesco if you need to learn how to take the best photos for Twitter and other social media.

You can tag your friends in your Twitter photos… and it doesn’t count towards your 140 character limit. Bam!


This feature doesn’t work with Hootsuite or other tools but if you’re posting directly on Twitter’s website you can tag up to 10 friends and they’ll be notified of the post.

Twitter Tagging |

Since the lifespan of a tweet is shorter than a sitcom episode, we love this tool as a way to make sure that the right people see your tweet.

As with all tagging, use responsibly. A famous videographer near me states not to  tag people who aren’t in the photo or highly relevant to the photo. Avoid being a nuisance and this tool can be your new BFF.

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