A Laughing Matter

Yesterday was a great day for people who work in social media.

Around the Design House we were cracking up when the RNC sent out this media release.

RNC Press Release

It was quickly followed up with a video of CBC’s Weatherman Ryan Snoddon being arrested and taken away with the tagline, “Find out on Here & Now tonight if Ryan Snoddon made bail.

By the end of the day we couldn’t stop laughing at the fake press conference, a Buzzfeed article, and a tie-in to the CBC T-Shirt contest asking people to describe the summer in one word.

Rain, rain, go away

First, the obvious, congrats to the RNC for making a ballsy play – might we add just one day after a news feature looked at the exemplary job they’re doing with using social media as a new form of community policing. Also, kudos to the CBC for capitalizing on the idea.

Buzzfeed, well thanks for sharing the tweet of one of our very good friends and doing that Buzzfeed thing you do.

Please shine down on me

But into the good stuff! We loved watching this unfold all day because it was everything we try and make our social media campaigns about and in this case it was lightning in a bottle.

It was about a topic we were all already talking about anyway. Grrr #nlwx

It was fun and light – SUMMER is MISSING! AmIRight?

It was risky! There could have been big backlash (and there was some with people commenting the police had nothing better to do and that they aren’t as friendly to deal with in person).

You make me happy when skies are grey

And as a result, almost everyone bought in and wanted to be a part of it.

THAT is what a good social media campaign is made of.

We look back on Collision Clinic’s two campaigns this year: #DrivesMe and Just theTip; they had all these elements and were big successes for our client.

Our newest campaign for NuImage Salon and Spa has us soliciting photos of bad Throwback hairstyles in return for awesome beauty and hair prizes; we call it Back to our Roots.

Check it out.

We’re already thinking up new social campaigns for a bunch of other clients.

If you want to light up your social media presence, get in touch and we’ll create a campaign that will work for your company.