Dc presents: Havin’ a Bald

A short story about the hair over here.

I’m shaving my head.

Holy shit.

Now I’m not one to curse (total lie) but I really wanna make sure you know how I feel about this. Shaving one’s head – especially after having undergone certain “elective procedures” to keep your hair – can be hard. #noshame

About Shave for the Brave.

When I look at how far Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) has come with their Shave for the Brave (SFTB) in ten years, I shake my thick beautiful hair-covered head in wonder.

YACC’s SFTB at a glance:

Shave for the Brave exists to help young adults dealing with cancer.

The strain of isolation and emotional/mental struggle can be detrimental in the recovery process. YACC provides the priceless gift of time away with other survivors to find strength and support. But it isn’t priceless. It’s got a real cost.

Funds come from the money raised by countless kids and adults, across the province, who shave their heads as a show of support – in their schools, at their offices, and beyond.

It’s easier to give

Shave my head …or give money. Shave my head …or give money. Ah yes – I know, I’ll do both. And I’m not the only one. Paddy Daly, Jason (J-Lac) LaCour, Miss Newfoundland and Labrador, and others decided to to it this year, along with the hundreds of people who do it every year.

The Time to Hesitate is Thru

I’m scared to ask for money. Straight up. I’m usually the one getting the call. And I’m ok with that. It’s a responsibility that comes with being part of our community. But now: *Ring Ring* Guess who; it’s me – and I want your monies. Not for me though. For the ones who are too busy fighting for their lives to call you themselves.

Wow. Didn’t I just put it all in perspective. Fear over.

It’s a Date.

I think I’ll be shaving in early May. Maybe sooner. When the details come together I’ll let you know so you can maybe be there to laugh at/congratulate/hold me.

If you see my number on your phone, or my email in your inbox, please PLEASE pick up or write back and break me off a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for all the brave young adults in our province.

Looking forward,

Visit my profile and donate now to help young adults in our province dealing with cancer.