Holiday Design Love Fest

We Wish You a Gorgeous Christmas. Christmas seems to begin earlier every year. Amidst the overwhelming amount of decorations, red and green on red and green, gaudy products in stores, and overdone Christmas imagery — it’s easy to lose sight of some really beautiful design that happens in the Christmas season! For every plastic santa …

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Learning Good Design

I’ll know it when I see it Have you ever seen a poster that really catches your eye for some reason? Or a logo that doesn’t really have anything in particular wrong with it, but doesn’t seem to fit the company? Sometimes its hard to know just why something looks good or bad. Welcome to …

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Behold Montserrat!

This font jumped into the scene over the last couple of years, and it has quickly become a favourite. This retro styled sans-serif font was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky of Argentina. It was inspired by the signage and typography used in the neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires. I think it’s something else! An island and a mountain …

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