How we get Down(town)!

Hey guys, it’s Dc comin’ at your gorgeous faces with an important request: CAN WE GO TO CHURCHStay with me. I’m talking about the church of living, loving, working AND playing in beautiful downtown Sin Jahn’s. It’s time for #realtalk about how we tell the stories and share the news about the events that keep our fair city’s heart pumpin’.  Here to drop the 411 is Dc Project Lead extraordinaire, Miz Sarah Halliday — it’s all you, S!

What the world needs now

Thanks, Dc! Let’s hop in the hot tub time machine for a sec. Last year, the City of St. John’s needed a fresh new campaign to promote events in the Downtown core. Enter the Love Downtown St. John’s campaign! We worked with them to kickstart a stellar summer campaign that took into account all the amazing things that happen in our city. With our legendary city’s cultural uniqueness top-of-mind, we created a website, promotional video, poster, banners, and more to help promote summer events in the downtown core. Check it out: 

Everything’s waiting for you

Annnnnd we’re back! Given the impact the #digging is having on our downtown businesses, we know it’s more important than ever to keep those positive vibes going. We held an amazing #LoveDowntown partnership event at Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food on Water Street! to talk about our shared opportunities and we’re helping them keep their social media ball bouncing to shine light on the value and vibrancy of our core.

Celebrating downtown St. John’s as an eventive destination means EVERYTHING. How?

1) Visit Love Downtown St. John’s

2) Find out what’s happening or ADD YOUR EVENT

3) Get out there and hit that #lovedowntown hashtag!

Wanna ticket to the S.S. Partner Ship? There’s always room on board at Dc HQ. HMU atdc@dcdesignhouse.cato get your sea legs with our #deadly #workfam.

Looking forward,