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Join our Hive!


Looking for a sweet downtown space for you and your smallish crew?

TrajectorE, People Stuff, and Dc have tight teams that share this condo-lookin’ outside, multi-office setup inside, co-working-style space where all hands live and love life in the heart of our downtown. 

We have main floor space we don’t reeeally need, so we’re looking for one (or two?) small entities to join the party. (And by ‘party’ we mean high vibes in a swag space while focusing in our separate spaces – People Stuff in the fishbowl, Dc in the perches, and TrajectorE on second).


  • Two office rooms (one holds 2; the other, 5); 
  • Two shared bathrooms; 
  • The reception area is open and seats two. FYI: none of us tend to have clients come by so that lobby is always very quiet;
  • Heat and light included;
  • Shared boardroom (with booking system);
  • Shared kitchen on TOP floor. FYI: the middle floor stands alone, but the top floor is more flexible;
  • Downtown parking, nearby parking garage and meters that don’t get used until later days: always loads of spaces in the mornings.

Been looking for the professional energy you need to help you get things done in a more space-sharing and close-to-the-action part of town … with free coffee? (Yes – I went there). Reach out to us if you are interested in renting this space!

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