The Little Sparo


Who doesn’t love a good meal out with friends and family? From small plates to cocktails, The Little Sparo offers something for everyone!

We were so excited to help them design a menu that matched the elegance of their delicious food and drinks.

We proudly delivered a classy menu that they could update in-house as their seasonal offerings changed.


What did we do?

We partnered to help create and celebrate:

  • print and digital dinner menu;
  • print and digital brunch menu;
  • print and digital cocktail menu;
  • print and digital wine list.

Looking forward

This project was a wild ride from start to finish, from choosing the right paper stock, to carefully selecting the metallic inks used to give the right subtle but elegant pop of colour, to researching each offering to ensure they had a perfectly informative wine list.

When all was said and done we had a beautiful design printed tastefully on gorgeous stock – we love dining at The Little Sparo and seeing our hard work in the wild!