The Guv’nor Inn & Pub


When the oldest hotel in North America needed an upgrade to its website to be competitive in the world of online bookings, we were glad to help our old friends reach their modern, online audience.

Integrating an online booking system was paramount to bringing the Guv’nor Inn’s customer experience to another level!


We partnered to help create and celebrate:

  • A fully responsive website;
  • A modern online booking system integrated into their new website;
  • Online bookings for rooms, reservations at their restaurant, and booking their meeting and function rooms.

Looking Forward

With the integration of an online booking system, The Guv’nor Inn is now offering more convenience to its customers and can compete against hotels in the city.

The system also allowed their employees to streamline the booking process, cutting down on time spent doing bookings.

You can find the Guv’nor Inn in St. John’s on Elizabeth Avenue. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, they are home to a quaint restaurant and pub!