The Seniors Resource Center of NL sounded like a back-rack of brochures in a library of yore – NOT the leading seniors advocacy and information entity that it is. When you consider the demographics of our province, it stands to reason that SeniorsNL would be brought into the spotlight.

It was one of my all-time pleasures to lead this project with their board and leader, Kelly, whom I learned so much from – inside and outside the scope of work.



We started with a planning document as to truly get where the organization was, and where it needed to go. This paved the way for a full-on communications plan, and full rebrand, complete with a narrative core, logo, and all the components of a professional rebranding.

Next, we did the full website, brochures, and other branded collateral for the day-to-day life of the brand.

Finally, we led the organizing of a launch campaign, featuring a variety of stakeholders so SeniorsNL could usher in the new era of their important work.



You wanna feel the feels? See a logo you helped create on a big cake, lol.

This organization does so much to take care of so many. It’s been an honour to help with such a pivotal evolution and we hope you like what you see!

Check them out at: