People Stuff


Chad came into our lives at a rather wild time. 

There was a past version of me that wasn’t as woke to the gifts of what a human resources consultant could do for a corporate culture. Chad worked with me, and in all our one-on-one his advice would ring in my ears – and I was right. I finally took his advice, and everything evolved for me since. 

Meanwhile, he was in demand, and in need of a brand – someone to handle all the … ya know … the ‘people stuff’; an ‘adaptable’ expert who could do as much or as little as you needed at the time – someone who could help you to ‘be a place to be’. The brand was born.


We partnered to help create and celebrate the following:

  • Research and Recommendations Plan to ensure success;
  • Narrative Core – their brand story.
  • New logo with a position line and promise line to ensure clarity in their ‘why’ to current and new audiences.
  • A marketing plan to bring our friends into the spotlight.
  • Canva templates for all social and related design needs to support key messages;
  • Social Media campaigns to target offers and messages;
  • Video and web content;
  • Data reports to show impact of our work;
  • Brand assets from Esignatures to letterheads;
  • Digital campaigns using tech platforms to grow leads;
  • Brand new website;
  • Promotional Banners;
  • Video featuring their brand story;

looking forward

I see myself in Chad – two consultants in our fields who love what we do and are lucky to have expert networks around us to ensure what we do makes an impact on those who believe in our brands. 

Respect to Chad and his growing team!!