No Debt NL


Financial health matters!

But how do you help a company who’ve been helping thousands of folks to get ahead of their debt (for almost 40 years) make it easier for others to check in on their financial health?

Using tech, some big ideas, and compassion for the intimidation of asking for help.


We started with a specially created quiz that thousands across the province engaged with. Then we created a special landing page to help interested folks engage with the quiz. Then we created a campaign using all branded channels to create awareness about this initiative. Next, we did a series of public relations interviews and show hostings to raise awareness via their expert team. TV and radio ads followed.

A Financial Health-Check document that was released across the province helped us deepen our expression of this tool and the importance of getting help with debt.


Janes & Noseworthy do important work.

I have been so proud to help them reach more of the folks who need them with their No Debt NL tool. I too have learned a lot from the advice they give and the way they truly help folks start over with education and a better understanding of financial health!