NL Association of the Deaf


I really learned a lot about the importance of advocating for every freedom, thanks to the work we did with NLAD – Newfoundland & Labrador Association for the Deaf.

Myles, Renee Sabrina, Heather, and every person we met during this time taught us so much about the needs of their organization and their struggle to be heard.


We partnered to help create and celebrate the following:

  • Research and Recommendations Plan to ensure. success;
  • Narrative Core – their brand story.
  • New parent  logo with a position line and promise line to ensure clarity in their ‘why’ to current and new audiences.
  • A marketing plan to bring our friends into the spotlight.
  • Video and web content that really brought it home for the viewers.
  • Public relations for coverage and support;
  • Data reports to show the impact of our work;
  • Brand assets.
  • Program logos for their various initiatives;
  • Website update;
  • Promotional Banners;


The events I attend feel different now. The ASL interpreters give me tangible proof that things are changing for the better – that in a world where the struggle to feel seen and heard is real, NLAD is connecting their meaningful work with folks across the province, and around the world too! You HAVE to see their Deaf Choir perform – truly moving and powerful.