Manning Bradbury Law


Robert and Judy are a dynamic duo. You can tell they’ve been close for years and that they respect each other. Their back-and-forth makes me feel like they should star in some kind of dark comedy. I’d binge-watch these two all day and have taken notes on how to make someone feel at ease in any situation.


We partnered to help create and celebrate the following:

A website that is clean, fresh, and on-brand for the partners; one that leans on the development of Pull Apps (Andrew King is the man) and the video magic of There Media (Breaden King is also the man – no relation). I love bringing my technical and creative pals into the mix when I know they will take our design and direction into next-levelness! (Is that a thing? It is now).



Thank you Robert and Judy for trusting me to lead you through what is often a challenge for brands in the service space – to feel professional and warm at once. I often show off this website to clients as examples of where we want web to go – to feel more like a commercial than a wall of text to be consumed – to feel like you’re already there!