Janes & Noseworthy


I have learned so much about the intimate nature of debt – not only from the lens of something who needs the help, as well as the million reasons why we sometimes will need that kind of support – but from the team of JNL, who have been helping folks to start over for going on 40 years! 

The stigma, though. 

The energy of help and support and long-game expertise is an important one to convey. Over our time helping JNL to reach more folks to help, there have been initiatives we are proud to support.


We partnered to help create and celebrate the following:

  • Research and Recommendations Plan to ensure success;
  • Narrative Core – a brand story
  • New logo with a position line and promise line to ensure clarity in their ‘why’ to current and new audiences
  • A marketing plan to bring our friends into the spotlight.
  • Year-long social media campaigns featuring their team giving free advice, in support of key messages;
  • Video and website content;
  • Public relations for coverage and support;
  • Data reports to show impact of our work;
  • Brand assets of every kind;
  • New website;
  • Promotional Banners, signs, and ads;
  • Video featuring their brand story;


When we see the Janes & Noseworthy brand connecting via various promotional materials and campaigns and we feel proud of the team and their amazing talents, the client and their integrity and commitment to excellence,, and of everyone with the courage to know that it’s ok to hit a financial rough patch, and it’s ok to get help!