George Street Association


I Have worked at, sang in, and danced up and down George Street and its member establishments for years – since the day I turned 19.

This love affair is nothing rare. George Street is the third most requested to-do of tourists who come here, second only to Signal Hill and Cape Spear – and I’d know, I led the survey.

My work with everything related to the mar/com of this member-service, festival, and event-loving association, is wide and deep. Very thankful for all I have learned.


We partnered to help create and celebrate the following:

  • Research and Recommendations Plan to ensure success;
  • Marketing plan to bring our friends into the spotlight.
  • Social Media campaigns to target offers and messages;
  • Video and web content;
  • Full promotion campaigns with tactics of every size and kind, to help GSA reach its audiences;
  • Data reports to show the impact of our work;
  • Brand new website;
  • Promotional Banners;
  • Video featuring their brand story;
  • Public Relations campaigns around leading issues and relationship management with its many partners and related organizations.

looking forward

“Fun is fun, but you have to know how” – The Cat in the Hat.

This line hits right when I think of my work with this famous and multi-pronged brand. Its members and board work SO hard to ensure our street delivers on the promise to entertain and make every celebration a great one. Check out the brand and the infinite number of staff, partners, and artists who have made George Street famous!