GAP Auto


Bruce is the son you want. His dad started GAP Auto years ago, he grew up in it and has helped it evolve in some pretty innovative and dare I say visionary directions.

We met in a professional development program that was very transformative and wow- if you’re an Atlantic Canadian entrepreneur like we are. Google: Wallace McCain Institute.



We partnered to help create and celebrate the following:

  • A digital program to get GAP on the road to a foundation of consistent, and creative content geared at the car-lovers;
  • A communication plan to help GAP take on the next five years in style;
  • Help with a variety of digital platforms and channels; 
  • – Research and recommendations of all aspects of in-market brand competition and opportunities; 
  • Narrative Core/Brand Story;


A family business plucks at the heart-strings. Family business is different than anything you can imagine. Every decision is all the more personal when you are family. That title seems to fit everyone who works at GAP Auto.

I have done a lot of work in the auto business over the years and I am so thankful. It’s draped in power but under the hood are hard-working folks who want to do their best to drive trust home. Love it!