Discovery Centre


What will you discover when you step up and get what you deserve? More.

More $. More opportunity. More confidence.

Steve called me ten years ago and we’ve never looked back. But when I do – I think of the many campaigns he has trusted us to execute – so more folks across the province can find out about this desiccated team who have been helping adults to finish high school for 30 years this year! WOW.


We partnered to help create and celebrate the following:

  • Marketing plans to bring our friends into the spotlight.
  • Social Media campaigns to target offers and messages;
  • Video and web content;
  • Full promotion campaigns with tactics of every size and kind, to help reach its audiences;
  • Data reports to show the impact of our work;
  • Brand new website;
  • Promotional Banners;
  • Video featuring their brand story;
  • Public Relations events and launch events for the campaign and the brand;
  • A variety of digital activities and tactics to reach audiences on a geographic, psychographic, and demographic level;

looking forward

What do I know now about life that I didn’t know before our work with the Discovery Center? That it’s never too late to stand up and go after what you deserve. Even more so, I learned a lot about support and staying true to yourself – and most of all, how a team who has your back can take you from where you are today, to a tomorrow you couldn’t imagine! Thank you, Steve, and the team!