Cygnus Gymnastics

How we started:

Cygnus Gymnastics is an amazing organization keeping the youth of St. John’s active, and they train and support gymnastics through competition!

When they came to us for a new website they had one express need: online registration! Today’s tech-savvy parents want the convenience of completing forms online, without having to drive across town to drop off a hard copy.

What did we do?

We partnered to help create and celebrate:

  • A fully responsive website with CMS;
  • Created a blog and news environment;
  • Integrated online registration.

Looking forward!

With the launch of the site, online registration was a smash hit! Since then a vast majority of the new registrations have happened on the website, saving time for both Cygnus staff and their customers. A win-win for all!

Have a child looking to get into gymnastics?

Check them out at: