College of Registered Nurses of NL


I had been lucky to be asked to help the organization work through the marketing and communications-related evolutions that brands of this nature encounter as they grow.

I love working with all NL Association-related brands and feel like it’s become a special interest of mine.

Lynn is a true queen of what she does and has so much respect in our province. It was an honor to be in her presence and passion!


We partnered to help create and celebrate the following:

  • Marketing plan to bring our friends into the spotlight.
  • New Logo and brand standards guide;
  • Back-end website management of key components;
  • Various branded assets to help the brand shine;

looking forward

Every industry and experience brings so much to what I know about the unique way so many associations work and serve their members.

I am so happy I was able to do what we love for a brand that works so hard to take care of folks in our province.