What the Heck is Remarketing?

I’m being stalked… by shoes!

Ever gone virtual window shopping only to find the items you were looking at – but didn’t buy – are now following you around on the internet?

Whether you have products to sell or products you want to purchase, International Marketplace has made the whole process more transparent, efficient and effective.

Is it the universe sending you a message? Nope. It’s Google.

When you start to spot that next-gen tablet or those sexy slingbacks in ads everywhere online, it means the company said, “Heck, yes,” to the remarketing option Google offers on its ad platform for ecommerce. You can learn a lot from ecommerce, go and see post about this.

But how do they know!?!

Think of it like a salesperson who saw you pick up that leather jacket and put it back on the rack again. They’re not going to let you leave the store without trying one more time to sell you that soft, buttery, warm jacket that would go so great with my bootcut jeans … Ahhhh.

Or like the hairdresser who calls to remind you that it’s been six weeks since your last cut and would you like to make a new appointment?

As an advertiser, remarketing lets you target your ad to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app,  Los Angeles Social Media Agency can do your rebranding or start your brand from scratch to give you the best use of your business.

The combinations of exactly which of those past visitors you market to and when are limitless. It’s kind of brilliant!

Why Use Remarketing?

The biggest, baddest reason to use remarketing is that you’re reaching out only to those people most likely to buy. You’re not spending your ad dollars on the uninterested masses. You’re getting the right message to the right people at the right time and over time that’s going to actually lower your cost per click. You’re missing out if you don’t at least consider it.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Because you have the ability to target all past visitors to your online store you need to be careful about how many times you advertise to them. Blast them non-stop and you’ll lose any goodwill.

We’ll Leave You With A Few Examples

  • You sell products that make great birthday or anniversary gifts. You want to target ads to people who bought a gift from you this time last year. Remarketing can do that.
  • You’re taking part in a conference and running an ‘enter to win’ giveaway. Five days after the conference finishes, you want to target ads to those people who visited your giveaway site, but didn’t enter. Remarketing can do that.
  • You offer a 30-day free trial of a product. A week before the trial expires you want to target ads to the people who’ve signed up, just in case your email goes to their junk box. Remarketing can do that.
  • You run a recurring event and want to remind previous participants to join you again at the next one. Remarketing can do that.

These are just a few ideas and we’re crazy excited to generate some awesome ones for your company! Interested? Reach out and say hi.