What It’s Like To Be An Intern

Hi gang, Dc here! We have the GREATEST team here at the House! Seriously. The best. But every year, we’re stoked to invite super star business and design students to hang with us for a few weeks. They learn a lot about the biz, and we thrive off their new energy. It’s a win-win. Interning can be tough, though, so Michael’s going to fill you in on his experience with us last spring.

Michael here, the new kid on the block! Ever wonder what it takes to roll into Dc Design House as a junior, a rookie, and a general newbie to the agency world? Well hang tough, I’m going to take you through it step by step. (Oooh baby!)

How To

  1. Apply to CNA’s Graphic Design program after encouragement from my wife (thanks, love), followed by 2 years of hard work.
  2. End the program with a killer end-of-the-year show and a work term placement at “The House.”
  3. Walk into Bates Hill, ready to hit a stride. No fear.

Diving In, Head First

Against my own fiery appetite of wanting to do anything and everything immediately, they eased me in. Looking back on it now, I’m grateful. But I was just busting to prove myself. My old man always told me when working for a new company, do what you can to make yourself indispensable.

The first two weeks went exactly as you would expect. A few interesting projects, nothing with an incredibly tight deadline, and mostly building up internal resources. I spent a lot of time doing what I did in school: tutorials. Graphic design is one of those disciplines that if you do not study it every day, you will fall behind.

Showing Up

During the last two weeks, I knew that if I was to demonstrate my value, I had to show that my work ethic and drive truly matched my ambition. I spent this time harassing my production manager (sorry, Darrell) for extra work. Anything. EVERYTHING.

This was the time that I really got to work on some amazing projects. I lived my last week inside of After Effects, teary eyed from watching, rewatching, and REWATCHING incredible stories from our friends at YACC. Great work for great people.

The Nitty Gritty

The deadlines are short and very real. No such thing as an extension. That project that you would have had four weeks to work on in school? They need it in four hours. Well actually, they needed it yesterday. It’s a crazy and intense environment, and momentum can turn on a dime. This is the pressure I craved. Tell me everything is on fire; I’ll be in the back, putting it out.

So you want to know what it’s like to be an intern at Dc Design House? Amazing art. Creative direction from leaders that show you how raw your skills really are. Strong encouragement and trust placed in you at early stages. And a lot of hard work. A lot. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

There ya have it! Straight from the man himself! Interested in joining the team for an afternoon, a semester, or dare I say life? Have something deadly to bring to the table, k? We’re all over all the flavours of brain candy in this maw!

Looking forward,