Too big. Too busy. Too much.

It’s been three days since I wrote him – a past client – with an estimate I spent forever tweaking. He had reached out requesting a price on updating some of his brand materials that we created together when he first started his business a few years back. And then – it happened.

My (hopefully) returning client said something that knocked me over:

“I didn’t know if I should reach out because you’re just so busy now. I didn’t want to bother you. I mean, you’re a big company now. I just needed some simple things done, is all, and didn’t want to waste your time.”


No. No. NO!

How did this happen?!?

I bop around the office every day, meeting with clients and the team as we plan and make wicked things happen. I see all these hard-working beauties laughing and arguing and stressing and learning for and about every client we work with.

But too busy? Never.

Buzzing, busy, but never fevered

Over the past eight years DcDH has grown, and the team will tell you that it’s not always easy. 11/10 is the minimum effort. For their passion and their patience, I’m like, “Where did you all come from? How do you put up with me? How can I ever thank you for helping me take care of clients who trust us to help them grow their businesses?” Ah-mayzing.

I love (and live) what I do more than ever, and I can never imagine doing anything else. Ask anybody: we’ve always been busy. It’s the reason we’re successful, impactful, and quick thinking.

The greenlight

Here I am, staring at my computer waiting on word back with a go ahead … or not. *Sigh*

Then it happens: The email. Greenlight. Thank EFF.

So many feelings. All of them good. I’m thankful for the opportunity as much today as the day I started, and I’ll do my best to make things fun and go smoothly.

We love our clients and the amazing things we can do for them, because we know where things are going in the ever changing game of advertising and design. Because we want to make our city and province a more exciting place to live and work by branding better.

On being too big, too busy, too much: that’s not us.

On being the best at what we do: yes please. Reach out to find out this can help you and your company.

Looking forward,