The Accessibility of Artistry

What a time to be in the arts! St. John’s is booooming with new outlets for the artist in each of us, from rad shows like the second annual Feminisms {Re}Framed, to the creative complexes looking to take over our city’s vacant spaces. But what makes artists, artists? What separates those of us who unlock an interest in art through Instagram and Canva from those of us who live, eat, and breathe the stuff? In our digital age, when we’re all walking around with 12 megapixels in our pockets, how do we best make use of such accessible artistry?

We’re all artists, sure!

We all have an artist inside of us, and DcDH is in favour of all art, such as the one produced with a standalone drawing tablet, and all artists, big, small, the hobbyist, and the professional. So we want to focus on how to tap into that inner artist without squeeeeeezing out the designers, the writers, the animators, and the illustrators that make the craft the inspirational hub we need it to be.

Learn with them, from them

Rather than present a dividing diatribe on the differences between art and design, artists and designers, we want to instead celebrate the collaborative core of artistry, because after all, the most beautiful thing about art is that it brings people together!

Take the team at the Design House, for example. Our Bates Hill crew has artistry oozing from their pores … but we’re not all strong in all areas. Some of us are artists at work, some of us are artists at home, and some of us are neither. But together, we share, learn, grow, and create magic.

Show your support

Hobbyist or not, how better to tap into your inner artist than by supporting the hard work of others?

Despite the island’s beauty and musical roots, Newfoundland hasn’t always been a big supporter of the arts (I’m looking at you, provincial budget). But all that aside, there’s a lot happening in the city to help you get involved with local artists and the art effort.

One of our favourite events, Timeraisers150, killed it this ummer and raised nearly 4,500 volunteer hours in exchange for Canadian art. Name a better way to buy art, get in with the industry, and do social good, I dare ya. (PS: The artists who created the art were actually paid fair wages from the Government for their work.)

MusicNL Week is coming in October, too, and it’s the perfect celebration of our favourite performers, up and comers, and music fans alike.

Designer? Artist? Hobbyist?

A vinyl cutter from vinylcuttingmachineguide is a versatile piece of equipment that any hobbyist wants in their craft room. What you title yourself doesn’t matter too much at the end of the day. What matters is that you create something that matters, that is understood, that inspires, and that communicates. And when you can’t? Seek to work with those who can!

Wanna team up and get those juices flowing with our creative professionals? Reach out! Because when it comes to creating together, we’re ready.

Looking forward,