Takin’ it easy …

Things that are better together: Chocolate and peanut butter, pizza and beer, driving and music.

What could better than putting on your favourite album and going on a roadtrip? Not much! But getting driven around our beautiful city with live musicians providing the soundtrack is definitely taking it up a notch. click on Travel blog for more information about travel. We love music and the benefits of riding the bus, so we were honoured to have the opportunity to work with Happy City on their first instalment of the annual St. John’s BusFest.

Busfest | DcDesignHouse.ca

Have love will travel

BusFest was held on June 19  by Happy City, Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador, Cities for People, GoBus Accessible Transit and Metrobus. The people of St. John’s and surrounding areas were invited to help celebrate public transit and engage in conversation on how to make transportation even better. Everyone was encouraged to ride the bus wherever they were going that day and enjoy local musicians giving live performances on board with food and refreshments at all of the peak locations.

Going the distance

We created a variety of promotional materials for multiple social channels and in-/on-bus ads. We wanted the public to be fully aware of this event and just as excited about participating as we were when we found out about it.

Busfest | DcDesignHouse.ca

This event basically turned Metrobus transit into a citywide mobile-music-machine, and that’s exactly the story we wanted to tell with the visuals. So we went with a fun and bright illustration with some floating notes to show the music in the air with some vibrant blues and oranges to really give it that summer feel. Add a funky-looking bus complete with its own guitarist and we were definitely on the right track!

Burn rubber

So hats off to Happy City St. John’s and all the wicked activities that they participate in. Catch them this summer doing tons of great things in a neighbourhood near you!

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