Should I Remove Fake Likes From My Facebook Page?

I’m all about that Like, that Like, no trouble….

Back in the day when business Facebook Pages were shiny and new, it was all about numbers. Likes were badges of honour that showed how popular you were, but not much else. Well intentioned business owners were enticed by emails and ads that promised thousands of “real” likes for pennies a piece. They paid and watched the likes roll in.

Times were good.

Times Were Good

Then things changed.

Organic reach (the number of accounts shown your post) plummeted and a business was lucky if even 10 percent of the people who liked their page ever saw their posts. Today, businesses are realizing that Facebook is like dating – it’s about quality, not quantity. To increase or buy facebook like simply visit us at

Having 10,000 fans looks great, but if your store only sells widgets locally and those fans are in India, they aren’t helping your business one bit. In fact, they’re hurting it.

Why Does Engagement Matter?

When you post to your page, Facebook will first show it to a few people to test the waters. If people interact with your post by liking, commenting, sharing, or clicking, Facebook decides that it’s good stuff and will then show it to a few more people. Wash, rinse, repeat.

When you have a lot of fake or irrelevant profiles in your audience, your engagement rates will be low since fake fans don’t engage. When engagement rates are low, your organic reach will drop, and you get yourself into a vicious cycle.

Can I Boost My Way Out?

When a post isn’t getting the reach you want, you can boost it for a small cost and Facebook will share it with more people. If you don’t take care with targeting a boost you could actually attract more low quality, unengaged likes. Not so much a time.

Keep it Lean, Keep it Mean

You should review new followers on a regular basis and weed out the fakes. Facebook gives you the ability to remove fans from your site so you actually do have some control over your fan:engagement ratio. Need a little help with this step? We’re happy to help you out.

Fake Like

How Do I Spot a Fake?

This can be a bit tricky. You need to know your business and know your audience. Then you have to play the “Which of these things doesn’t belong?” game. Facebook gives you the reports you need to see where your fans are coming from and also where the most engaged fans are. By comparing these two you’ll be able to see if you have large chunks of unexpected fans who also disengaged with your brand.

Facebook is an ever-changing landscape and what was good one day can change the next. If you give your audience useful, interesting content and don’t let yourself be wooed by the idea shortcuts you’ll build a following that’ll stay with you and continue to help your business for years to come.

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