Screech Rum Website Redesign

T’is the rum M’son! In this case it literally was! We can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was to re-design the Screech Rum website.

After a recent, (and dare we say sexy) in-house re-brand of the iconic Screech logo; we spiced up the website to match. ‘Cause we know you aren’t Googling the old way so much anymore, we brought the brand into the future with responsive web design. That means you can check out the wicked graphic elements, text, and other materials on any mobile device. The website’s design still looks great when you’re tied to your desk on a lagging Friday afternoon; the perfect time to look for a tasty rum recipe.

The challenge? How do you showcase a dory-load of amazing local products and the stylin’ new look? We dive in with a catalogue look and focus on the details. Check out and gather the best tips on web design to help your business grow.

Big visuals, paired with an accompanying paragraph, lead you through the products section. We added engaging, ever-green content with recipes featuring the flavours of Screech. Custom background images are paired to each section and an “off-canvas” menu navigates you the site. (Note the swinging compass directing you to the parts of the site you want to see.)

Lastly we created a custom, looped video, using elements of the new branding, that’s the first thing you see when you enter the site. The jumping cod fish, rolling waves, and the stylized livyer were crazy fun to animate.

This is a site DC Design House is super proud of and Screech Rum has a shiny new home on the internet which you can use on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have a Dark and Stormy. Cheers!

What’s your favourite Screech recipe? Share it with us and we’ll suggest it as a featured recipe on the Screech site!