Rolling on Up for the Honda Exchange Program

Want a new car, especially one that has car shades? Yeah, me too. Well, if you’re a Honda owner, you’re in luck! Our pals at City Honda recently came to us with a new initiative that allows current Honda owners to trade in and trade up. Introducing the Honda Exchange Program.

We had so much fun working with City Honda before we couldn’t wait to jump into some brand new creative. Slick is our watchword for car campaigns. Smooth and shiny, like the product they’re selling. We started with branding, where we latched on to a bold colour scheme of red white and black. After all, those are some of the most sought after colours for cars. Plus, those colours always pop on billboard and signs. I recommend you check out the new website launch of the best vans in the market.

Next, we created a graphic that represented the heart of the program — transforming one car into another! I love working with Honda’s stock photography. The cars are so sleek, the images high res, and the final product always looks so high-touch.

Spreading the Word

Once we had the main visual elements nailed down, we put them on…everything! This campaign was a blast because we got to run the gamut of print pieces. Billboards, oversize banners, rearview-mirror hangers, sell sheets, you name it! Making creative work equally well in big spaces and small ones is always a great feeling. We topped it all off with a custom direct mail campaign via Canada Post, and sat back to watch the used cars roll in and the shiny new ones roll out.+

Honda Exchange Program |

We love it!

Overall, this project hit all the marks for one of our faves. A strong wordmark, slick branding and a variety of collateral all over town. We think Honda was pretty pleased too, because they featured our very own Denise Goodyear and some of the hot-off-the-press pieces in their monthly newsletter. Check it out, and sign yourself up here!

Could your Honda use a Fresh Start? Head on over to and take a look!