One Little Word

What does it mean to strive for something? To put in the effort and achieve something you really want? Well, for Dc Design House, strive means passion and excitement; and that’s what we bring when creating every new brand.

Find out how that simple word, and equally-simple visuals, became the identity of a brand we’re so proud of.


We were asked to help ProActive – a physiotherapy and so-much-more provider – to come up with a name for its latest venture; a studio gym in Bay Roberts, where you can go to practice your physio exercises or just for a regular workout.

There’s really nothing out there like it and when Justin Whittle and co. came our way we were pumped to help grow awareness of the whole health company.

Simple name, big meaning

We bantered about all kinds of names for this gym, Stride, Progress and Shift, even what we finally landed on as the position line; Express Fitness.
Like Cinderella’s slipper, you could get it on, but it wasn’t a perfect fit.

Good … but not perfect.
Closer, but not quite there …

Then we hit on Strive.

The perfect word to demonstrate the power of working toward a goal. And that concept is exactly what Strive and ProActive are all about. Reaching for something, choosing to put in the work every day, and to keep moving toward those goals.

Brand expression

We knew we’d be keeping ProActive’s colours to keep it consistent, so that work was done for us. But how to identify such an abstract idea and keep it connected to fitness goals, while keeping it as simple and abstract as the name?

Easy, one line.

StriveExpress Fitness
Strive, the perfect fit.

The chart line shows ups and downs, progressing upward, but it could also be seen as a mountain to climb, a heart rate increasing on a monitor or any other abstract idea of progress.

Finally, the promise line; For More. So simple, powerful and inspiring. Strive. For More. We love this brand and so does our client and that’s what we strive for.

Strive Team
Some members of the Strive and ProActive teams at the grand opening in September.

Branding is one of our favourite things to do, and when you’re working with an amazing client like ProActive, it’s easy to aspire to greatness. Thanks for the opportunity ProActive. Find out more about Strive, and if you’re looking to brighten up your brand or starting from scratch, get in touch.

Looking forward,