It’s OK to Like Your Content, Just Don’t ‘Like’ Your Content

Have you ever been surfing Facebook and seen a business page make a post and then the first like on it is themselves? Did you think they were just really pleased with their content?

“Business X posted. Business X liked it.”

Chances are, it was just an honest mistake, but liking your own stuff is kind of like laughing at your own jokes; not the coolest thing you can do at a party.

When you’re the admin of a Facebook Page you can post, like, comment either as yourself or as the page. Facebook defaults to you acting as the page. This is what leads to self-liking and self-commenting. But it doesn’t have to.

On Desktop

When you’re on a computer, the first thing you want to double check is that you’re using Facebook as your personal account. Look at the blue bar across the top of your screen and make sure that your profile picture and your name as showing. If it’s your business name and icon, you need to switch.

Click the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner and choose yourself.

Facebook Self-Liking |

Are you you again? Perf!

Now, before you like or comment on your page’s posts you’ll still need to keep an eye on one other thing. Facebook REALLY wants you to be acting as your page so you need to choose to act as yourself on each post before you like or comment. Look for the drop down on the same line as the like/comment/share links.

Facebook Self-Liking |

And that’s how it’s done.

On Mobile

Mobile is a different beast.

If you’re using the Facebook app on your phone and you see that your colleague and co-admin has posted something cool to your business page, stop right there. There’s currently no way to act as yourself on pages when you’re using the Facebook app. Don’t be a self-liker.

However, if you’re surfing the mobile Facebook site on your phone’s browser, you have an option! Visit the page and select your personal profile from the light blue bar at the top. Baddah boom! You’re now liking and commenting as you.

Facebook Self-Liking |

Armed with these tips and tricks; go forth and engage! And know that while it’s ok to like your own content, never again ‘like’ your own content.

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