How to Live the Millennial Dream

I am the most millennial non-millennial ever.

Exhibit A:

  1. I value living life in close proximity to the thriving core of our historic downtown VS suffering from post-industrial subdivisional separation.
  2. I wish to make impact and feel the satisfaction of hands-on contribution VS punching the proverbial time clock to retirement. (The idea of “retiring” makes me sad and lonely.)
  3. I want to know where my food comes from and how I can get what I need from the people I trust VS the ‘who cares’ habits of time-starved days gone by.

Of course, the list goes on.

Meanwhile, I’m 38 years old. Although people tell me I don’t look a day over 45. #bizlife

Exhibit B:

  1. I totes wanted to abbreviate ‘people’ to ‘ppl’ and feel no regret in using a hashtag in a sentence, even though I get the true purpose of a hashtag. Pro tip: popping one into a sentence ain’t it. So funny tho (to me).

The ways of the old working world and the related cultural norms VS the more exciting and self-actualized trends – and what they mean to the future of work, life, and society, are like two continental plates drifting farther and farther apart, and I’ve got a foot on each.

Exhibit C:

If you’re like me, you’re visualizing the above depiction in Simpsons cartoon-style.

Recently, I found out about Memorial University’s brand new Centre for Social Enterprise, lead by the amazing Nicole Helwig. What is Social Enterprise? Well, simply put, it’s Stella’s Circle. It’s Uber. It’s AirB&B. It’s Enactus’ Bottlepreneur program, or their Hydroponic grow-op that just won the world championships!

Memory Alert: I had great times as part of Enactus’ grandfather, ACE (the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs). It is so rewarding to see where this organization has gone and the level of excellence our up-and-coming talent are now able to achieve.

Millennial Movie Night


Nicole decided to co-ordinate the opportunity to come together to watch a documentary that has had a great impact on me, and many others, who wanna know what’s gonna become of us now that the American Dream has all but crumbled under the weight of a clear and present need for change. I’m talkin’ choose-your-own-adventure change. A give-before-you-get understanding. Transparency that’s real AF.

Meet my Spirit Animal


The film was created by Greg Hemmings from Hemmings House out of Saint John, NB. I met him twice before, first as part of the GGCLC and as part of the 21inc. Top 50 leaders in Atlantic Canada under 40 summit in Prince Edward Island.

As a pace-maker and creative tour-de-force in Atlantic Canada, I have already professed that he is indeed my spirit animal. I’m also pumped to see his pending documentary Code Kids, which pushes the need for coding to become a part of the early grade school curriculum. As a web developer from days gone by, I am sooo in support of getting this universal language into schools yesterday.

Note: Music, another obsession of mine, is the other universal language. So many universal languages. So little time.

Discover the Dream


The Millennial Dream documentary isn’t out yet, but Greg is all over North America showing it at private events and festivals. So excited for him – and for this message. Here’s what he had to say when I told him I was planning to chat about it:

“We haven’t released it to the world yet, but please do share widely The trailer and a bunch of other goodies are on there!”

The panel that followed this special screening on MUN campus featured Greg (who flew in for the screening) along with myself and some of my favourite local leaders:

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 12.51.24 PM

Josh Smee
He admitted to once having a let’s-take-this-antiquated-sucker-down from the outside perspective, before entering it to make change from the inside out, via his work with Happy City, the St. John’s Farmer’s Market, and the Community Sector Council. Very shneeeky 😉 and he’s a fellow 21inc. Atlantic Canadian Top 50 under 40 leaders alumni as well, might I add.

Lisa Browne
A true lady who has gone from deputy mayor of Clarenville to the executive director of Stella’s Circle. I cannot deal with the poise and wisdom and soft-shoe brilliance she brings with her in the many ways our paths cross. She is more millennial than I think that I am, and in true millennial fashion, we don’t hate. We appreciate. A fellow Governor General Canadian Leadership Conference (GGCLC) alumni who is leading the planning of the next, which I’m glad to help.

Taylor Young
Vice-president of Enactus Memorial (Remember that epic world win I mentioned above?). She is wise beyond her years and makes me feel like I need to bop her my resume … just in case. Know what I mean? Reading between the lines: she may go on to be leader of the new world. She really drove home the realities that drive social enterprise, first-hand – and gave us an overview of how they’re already coming true, every day.

Bonus Good Times

After the evening wrapped I jumped on the phone with VOCM Nightline to talk about the night and its take-aways with three more change making thought leaders and all around amazing humans: Josh Taylor, Terry Hussey, and Alison Coffin.

What I’m still thinking about after a couple weeks?

It’s been over a week since that night, but the messages ring loud in my already perked up ears.

B-corp visions that break free from the C-suite ideals are pretty clear these days. When I look at my own company I see it’s only a sum of the ever-evolving, ever-inspiring people I work with. There’s something bigger behind the grind than the want to make money to buy stuff.

We want impact. We want to tell the stories of companies and what they are doing to make a difference, in addition to being able to afford to take care of the people who power their success.

Real talk: I wasn’t always like this. But somehow, luckily and thankfully, I’m well surrounded by an army of beauties who keep connecting the dots for me.

Dream Come True

The age of awareness is upon us, brothers and sisters. Let’s keep the conversation going and that ‘people, profits, planet’ equation tight!

And please make a point to watch The Millennial Dream soon as it’s available and tell Greg what you think on Twitter: @greghemmings or

And pop these tags: #TheMillennialDream #MillennialDream

Looking forward,