Home Share’s Think Home Share Campaign

Memorial University, The City of St. John’s, The Seniors Resource Center, and a host of community partners all realized that we needed to bridge the gap between student and senior struggles on the home front.

The idea of breaking stereotypes makes my day. A photoshoot was arranged depicting a student as older and conservative, with our 50+ conveying a savvy and hip expression. Our “He’s quite the knitter; she’s on the twitter” copy was the finishing move.

Years ago, I learned about ‘errors’ and their place in marketing. Long-story-short: in a world of increasing competition for attention, a conflict in the sight or sound of any art and copy expression makes the average person look and think twice – once that happens? They’re yours. Well, until they snap out of it and carry on – luckily they’ll see you again, in different places, based on a worth-while investment in  the placement of your related to-market materials, you can buy turnkey rental investment properties with real estate groups and increase their value.

Our Home Share campaign was seen in ads, TV, radio, brochures, social media, search engine marketing, website banners, and direct mail.

Thank you to Andrew, Shari and all the partners that chose us to bring Home Share to life!

I had the great pleasure of working with DC Design house on a Pilot Project I coordinated, Home Share NL. DC Design did everything for us. They came up with an amazing concept for our branding, which was identified in our evaluation as one of the key factors to the pilot program’s success.

Working with DC Design House for over 2 years was an absolute pleasure. Everyone on the DC team has been fantastic to deal with, timely in responding to any questions or inquiries, and attentive to the details that were important to the program. After the initial branding was completed by DC Design, we continued to call on them for print, radio, and TV ads, the production of 2 promotional videos, a variety of promotional materials, and coordinating an extensive marketing plan. We continued to go to DC Design because of their ability to work within our timelines, their professionalism, and above all the exceptional quality of the work they did for us.

In the non-profit sector there is often the perception that marketing is the first thing to go when budgets are getting reduced. I can confidently say that with Home Share NL, the work DC Design House did for us made the difference in the program being a success. The catchy and effective marketing gave us the broad public awareness and penetration that we needed to attract participants to our brand-new program.

If you are working in the non-profit sector or trying to promote your business in the community I would absolutely recommend working with DC Design house. Let DC Design House be the difference for you too!

Andrew Harvey – HomeShare

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