History in the making…

Stop. For one second. Think about how much has changed in 150 years.

The beginning industrial age, and the rise of electricity; the discovery of DNA, and two world wars; Canada’s first birthday, and the collapse of the cod industry — to name just a few. In this ever changing world, one thing has remained the same, A. Harvey & Company’s commitment to our community.

With over 400 employees around the province and 150 years of experience, A. Harvey & Company Ltd. is a longstanding pillar in this province and around the world.

They’ve become a household name to many and we were over the moon to help them out with a visual representation of their 150 year celebrations.

We’re all in this together…

But how do you create one representation of six sub-companies?

We considered using icons that would represent each company and come together to form the 150 year element of the design.

We still loved the idea of creating one wordmark out of many different pieces, but we needed to turn it into something that wouldn’t overload our audience. After a brainstorming session with our incredible creative team, we came up with a new strategy.

What makes a company?

Without the hardworking staff at A. Harvey & Company Ltd. the company wouldn’t be the driving force it is today. So, with cameras in hand we set off to capture the faces and places that make up this great group. We took enough photos to fill up the harbour, and set our sights on turning them into a tiled mosaic that would form the base of the wordmark.

Each image was treated with an even wash of blue; creating harmony with the Harvey’s brand. Then, we ghosted the well known A. Harvey & Co. logo over the tiles to pull in the parent brand.

A. Harvey Logo | DcDesignHouse.ca

Customized and complementary

Our remaining task for this project was to come up with specific taglines for each of the six companies.

Once each company had its own unique tagline we added in the A. Harvey & Co. Ltd. logo to each composition. We created six banners for each of the sub-companies. They’re hanging in the lobby of the Water Street east office. (Fun fact, that office has been their headquarters since the beginning!).

Wrap it up!

This was an incredibly rewarding project inspired by the heritage and entrepreneurship of a local family and company. It’s an opportunity you don’t come across often, and it was an absolute treat to work on such an important project for such a wonderful group of people!

Thank you A. Harvey for your 150 years commitment to our community!

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