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Facebook made a big change yesterday, adding options on how we react to posts. There was a ton of reaction from all corners of the internet, some good:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 1.01.08 PM

and some bad …


Some of it was perfectly timed, so you’d think they were in on it.

Our friends over at HeyOrca – the crew who helps keep our social media running – had some good insights on it.

Jamie Doyle from over at HeyOrca is guest blogging this week about what Reactions mean to you and your business.


Introducing Reactions Today is our worldwide launch of Reactions — the new Like button with more ways to express yourself. Not every moment you want to share is happy. Sometimes you want to share something sad or frustrating. Our community has been asking for a dislike button for years, but not because people want to tell friends they don’t like their posts. People wanted to express empathy and make it comfortable to share a wider range of emotions. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the right way to do this with our team. One of my goals was to make it as simple as pressing and holding the Like button. The result is Reactions, which allow you to express love, laughter, surprise, sadness or anger. Love is the most popular reaction so far, which feels about right to me!

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Your response to Facebook posts is no longer limited to ‘Like’! Once again, Facebook is allowing you to personalize your social media experience even further.

After a year of testing and research, the new ‘Reactions’ feature has gone live! By simply hovering over a new ‘Like’ icon, you have the choice to select ‘Like’, ‘Love’, ‘Haha’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ or ‘Angry’ in response to someone’s post. Each reaction has it’s own respective icon. These are available on both mobile and desktop. For mobile, long press the ‘Like’ button and you will see the different reactions that you can choose from.

With ‘Reactions” launching live, globally, expect to see a lot of ‘Reactions’ emojis on your news feed over the coming days!


We put a lot of great work into social media – for Dc and our clients’, and Reactions will help us see what kind of impact we’re all making; just like HeyOrca helps us plan and schedule social media to post it efficiently.
Get in touch with us if you’d like to talk about how social media can help grow your business and if you’d like more help planning your social media, check out heyor.ca; we ♥ them!

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