Dc Presents: The Re-Up: The Plantation and our Inspiration

If you’ve been following us for a little while, you know that everyone with Dc is passionate about arts and the community. Frequent collaborations between arts and business organizations keep us woke when it comes to the creating our everyday! We were recently presented with the opportunity to go to the famous Quidi Vidi Plantation and talk to the incredible artisans about how – and why –  they need to know their story before creating marketing plans for their arts-based businesses. Then they wrote this awesome piece about it and let us re-publish it here! Enjoy!

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Why we Do It

What’s your why? No matter your business, when you focus on the why the how gets easier and people will know you’re being genuine. If you want to talk why and how that affects your marketing and communications, get in touch. We’d love to talk.

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