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I got on the ol’ “chat” three or so years ago. I never bought into that whole “everything disappears after five seconds” bullsh*t, so I got off. Next thing ya know, my younger / more fun friends were on it, but I snubbed my nose at it. “That’s for freaks and tramps”, I said. Anyway, long story longer, I’m back on it. But it’s different! I was wrong to judge everyone. 🙁 

It’s actually a more personal and private interaction experience. More anonymous – with behaviour potential to match (meaning that I don’t know who you follow or who’s following you – which in Facebook land, sounds cray). The best part: It’s deadly for biz! (Deadly = good. If you were from St. John’s and surrounding areas, you’d know 😉 Get yer learnin’ hat on, ‘cus it’s time to get Snapchat savvy:

Snapchat, U@?

Snapchat began as an unfiltered and unsaveable channel for people to quickly send pics back and forth. The simple doodling feature made it fun and it quickly grew in popularity.

via buzzfeed.com
via buzzfeed.com

A Change of Course

In 2014, when they turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook, it was clear they had visions of their own – visions for mass-monetization. It started with Discover, where select publishers could get their custom content to consumers in a separate part of the app. Most recently, ads and sponsored filters were incorporated. These additions are the first steps to a healthy revenue stream Snapchat hopes will grow to a waterfall. The newest update has a new feature, Memories, which will lead to more polished Snaps and reduce the “in the moment” feel.

Snapchat Memories
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Show ME the Money

Just as publishers get great value from Snapchat, brands and smaller businesses can as well.

Consumers love to see transparency in a company. That’s what Snapchat delivers.

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Because of the personal nature of the app, people tend to let their guard down and become more open to future messaging from companies using Snapchat. Setting up an account is easy, and there is no profile page to update and monitor. (Bonus feature: younger employees will dig it.) If you want to use better photos to flaunt your business online, you can also utilize services like business photography.

Hop on the Brandwagon

So what are you waiting for? We just set up our account, and you can too.

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PS If you think you’ll miss the old Snapchat, there’s a new app on the scene, Beme, that takes capturing the moment to the next level.