Dc Presents: Our May Faves, Curated Just for You

We love sharing the cool things we find. Emails are always flying amongst the team filled with “Cool!” Or, “Did you see this?” And, of course, “Loves it!” We’ve taken some recents and curated the best of the best for you.

Painting in the Rain

Rainy Day Sidewalk Art

Grey, rainy days can get you down. Would seeing a whimsical rain-related message brighten up your day? One artist thought so and created “invisible street art” that will last for 4-12 months, depending on foot traffic. The catch? You can only see it when it’s raining. Our heads are spinning with the potential fun marketing opportunities here in one of the rainiest places in North America.

Selling on Instagram

Selling on Instagram

Did you think that Instagram was just for sharing pretty pictures? Maybe just for pics of dinner and duck-faced selfies? Where there’s a platform, there’s a way to sell and fashion bloggers have got it figured out.

They snap gorgeous pictures of items they have for sale and tag them with hashtags like #ShopMyCloset and #InstaSale to get them in front of eyeballs. A buyer comments and they take it to email and PayPal to finish the deal.

It’s not only teens and bloggers though, boutiques are getting in on the social shopping frenzy. Should you be selling on Instagram too?

Seeing Social Differently

Fyuse - spatial photography

It’s like Instagram, but not. It’s like Vine, but not. Fyuse is a new “spatial photography” app that you can use to capture, not a moment in time, but a moment in space. (Weeeeoooooo, shouts the Whovians in our office) You shoot the photo from the app and then share it in-app or on the web. Viewers can explore your 3D moment by tilting their phones or dragging up and down.

We think this would be an amazing way to showcase anything from clothing to beautiful food to physical spaces like hotel rooms. What would you showcase with Fyuse?

Have you seen anything cool and delightful on the web recently? Share it with us in the comments. Want to talk more about these three and how you can use them in your business? Get in touch!