Dc Presents: Our 2nd Annual Cup of Cheer

Our cups runneth over … AGAIN!

This year the Dc team decided to ditch the wine and chocolates and get right into the heart of the season, with an idea we came up with that lets our clients choose a way for us to give back to our community.

We called our Christmas campaign “A Cup of Cheer.”

Read more about this year’s Cup of Cheer here.

Read about our last year’s recipient here.

This morning, on Christmas Eve, we gathered around my desk and announced the recipient of our first Cup of Cheer!

The recipient, YACC, will be contacted today so we can set up a time to meet and figure out the best way for us to help move their cause ahead so they can do more good.

Watch it below

Well, It’s been an incredible year. We’ve helped a lot of people get out there to work it on the corner of ‘hope’ and ‘who cares.’ 2016 will even better and we want you to make this year one to remember!

Huge love to our clients who we love, to our team who makes every day happen, and to our many partners, associations, friends and families who we count on throughout the year. We hope that we’re able to give back as much as we get – which is a whole lot of awesome.

Looking forward to 2016!