Dc Presents: Loose Tie

In the land of times

Our downtown office is surrounded by the best eats and hoppin’ spots in downtown St. John’s. I’ve had the pleasure to work with a number of resto/bars over the years and have played the scattered tune in many as well, given my love of singin’ songs and playing the ol’ geet.

When the owners of Green Sleeves decided to make the upstairs into something new and all its own, we got to work, thinking of ideas and ways that would make them different. Here’s a little story we created with the boys and their wicked team:

A Historic Hideaway

Nestled in the heart of downtown’s historic entertainment district is a hidden gem. A unique loft space that’s been known by names like the Robin’s Nest and the Well, has been home to all-night dance parties, a place for company dinners, or to meet friends before a night out.

What is Craft?

Presenting a sumptuous and scenic experience with high-finish decor, fresh flavours from surprising cocktails to epicurean tastes – available in the very centre of the infamous George Street is where you can enjoy the best of craft cocktails and satisfying plates of delectable creations. Loose Tie is a premiere cocktail house, restaurant and lounge, offering luxury and comfort for those looking to network and experience the finer flavours.

Eat. Drink. Get Tipsy.

Loose Tie

Enjoy the best views George Street has to offer in this industrial-chic decor, curated by expert interior designers that use great furniture and even murals from the muraledesign site online to create the best environment to enjoy– with every detail honed for your pleasure.

About the Brand

Geek Alert: About The Logo

A loose knot that also lends to the shape of a heart, is a perfect iconic element for a restaurant and lounge, designed to relax and unwind after a day in the professional settings of the ideal clientele. A thin pin of red shades pop our sophisticated and high-contrast composition and give a prelude of energy and vibrancy found in the food and drink they purvey.

The most ambiguous brand names are often the most memorable.

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About the Promise Line

Eat, Drink, Get Tipsy.

Implying fun, simplicity, and a hint of misbehaviour, makes this slogan ideal for a sumptuous experience for adults interested in relaxing after work, letting their hair down, and loosening neck ties.

I’d like to thank Jody and Steffan for choosing us to make Loose Tie come to life. Check out the Loose Tie site, done by their friend Rich, and visit their main floor establishment Green Sleeves Pub, which is a historic part of the George Street entertainment district.

Inside the Loose Tie
via Loose Tie on Facebook.

We’d also like to congratulate SAM DESIGN on working a miracle to transform the space into the industrial-chic style.

Wrapping it up in a Knot

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