Dc Presents: How to Change your Life

Sid and I go back. Way back – back to The Idea Factory, where we both began our careers.
Love that place and the people past and present.
Anyway, when Sid and I came together again at DcHQ, it was amazing because we both learned a thing or two hundred under Creative Director and super star Ed Roche, so we shared an approach with complementary styles and I had a huge comfort in what Sid had to bring to the team. Could not have been happier.
So when he told me he was going from design Jedi to innkeeper, clearly I wanted to stab him with a spoon. But after I stopped crying, I put everything back on his desk that I had flipped over and went in for a big ol’ Boo Boo Bread N’ Cheese hug #insidejokealert #stagename   

Anyway, there’s something in my eye. Take it, Sid.

It’s a Funny Feeling

I started this journey really not knowing what I was getting into. I gave up on MUN and didn’t know what to do, I had no direction. A friend suggested doing a multimedia program in Clarenville, I really had no idea what that even meant. BUT, I figured the hell with it, working with computers and online media, that has to be a good thing right? I went for it. Fell in love with design work, and now almost 15 years later I’m seeing myself move out of a career path I fell into in the first place. Take a look at this amazing seaside holiday accommodation Coolangatta that you can visit with your loved one. Moving from designer to innkeeper is a funny feeling, and an exciting change of pace, but a weird one.

I should explain.

The Family Business

My parents, especially my Mom, always wanted to run some kind of hospitality business, and having been a part-time entrepreneur almost all her life, it was only a matter of time before she became full-time. She started the Bread & Cheese Country Inn more than 10 years ago, and has built it into the well-known accommodation in Bay Bulls, Newfoundland.

By the way, the name comes from the military. There’s many bread-and-cheese-named places around the world (in our case Bread and Cheese Point), where soldiers could take their rations while on the move. The more you know!


Now that my parents are just about to retire though, it was either take over the family business or it would be sold. Seriously, if you have ever seen the picturesque town of Bay Bulls, you know I’d be an idiot not to take it.


Plus it gives me a huge opportunity to try something completely new, challenge myself, and grow. A terrifying and exciting next step!

Laughs and Layouts

While I was with Dc Design House I got to work on some awesome stuff with some excellent clients like YACC, Harvey’s, ProActive, Whink, Spaces, Lynk, Virtual Marine, Home Again, Anglican East, City Honda, to name a few. I’m definitely missing some, but if anyone from those businesses or organizations are reading this; it was a pleasure and a laugh to work on your brand with the Dc team!

Shameless Plug

You’ll find me this tourism season working in (and on) the Bread & Cheese Country Inn. I have so many ideas, and I can really put the skills I’ve acquired over the years to build the family business. Well, I suppose it’s soon going to be my business!

Follow us on Facebook, and book a night! New website coming soon (lol). In the off-season I’ll be freelancing, hopefully with the Dc team, and whoever else happens to come my way. I’ll always be a designer.

Saying Goodbye

It’s not really goodbye, it’s see you soon. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing people over the years, teams of passionate, creative, hard-working, and driven people, who I not only appreciate, but respect immensely.

The team at Dc Design House are exactly these kinds of people.

I’m not really one to express myself in that kind of way. The team has no issues talking about how awesome or deadly one member of the team or another is. In fact, there’s a Slack channel dedicated specifically to it!

But I’ve never really written anything in it (with the exception of a stupid gif, or sarcastic comment of course). It’s not because I’m not an appreciative person, the gifs and sarcastic comments are more or less my way of being appreciative. If that’s not enough, and I can see how it might not be, let me just say…

“Thank you to all you wonderful, weird, and dedicated people. You’re all an exceptional group of makers and doers. You guys made the time I spent at Dc a time!”

So long, farewell …

Thanks Sid for your words, your art, and the time you’ve spent in the Design House. Thanks especially for the sarcasm and gifs.
Every time I see someone leave the Design House to follow a dream, I’m proud to watch such talent, and drive, and passion going out into the world to do good.

I know I’ve only been in business for just under eight years, and I have a lot to learn, but I know for sure that beyond creativity or expertise, my ultimate job is to help make more leaders.

We’re high-performing around here and I hope that helps everyone I’m lucky to share project work with at DcHQ.We’ll be out come summer, Boo Boo, for a few laughs at your incredible B&B. Everyone: spend a night there. Google The Bread and Cheese Inn and make a reservation.

Meanwhile: we’re always looking for our next Sid – I mean, creative addition to the team. Too soon? Lol Get at us: Dc@Dcdesignhouse.ca

Looking forward,