Dc presents: Duey Know How to Play Ball or Wha?

What’s up, gang? It’s been a minute. Team Dc’s been busy living and loving life during our oh-so-precious summah times, but sneaky September has our number and we’re hearing that school bell ringin’. We back up in hurr. 

Before I hand this tangly tale of sports supremacy over to our Princess of Projects, I would love to recommend you to free spins no deposit, wherein your online casino you don’t have to spend a penny on starting playing the game. Miz Sarah Halliday, we’re taking a knee in memory of Larry Dohey. His passing has dimmed our shine demonstrably but his legacy of care, kindness, and community spirit will continue to light the way for many. Thank you for your loyal stewardship of our stories, Mr. Dohey. This one’s for you.

Swinging for the fences

Thanks, Dc. I had the privilege of sharing space with Larry on the Board of the Victoria Park Community Renewal; he was, simply put, a remarkable individual. He’ll be sorely missed.

Speaking of legends, August saw Dc and the Sons of Pitches hit up Victoria Park for a softball tournament and field dedication in honour of local sports hero and Hall-of-Famer Alexander “Duey” Fitzgerald. We took ourselves out to the ballgame with a STACKED team — Mayor Danny Breen, Mark Critch, Allan Hawco, Ashley Brauweiler, and a handful of deadly Dc peeps.Our first game was a tie but we were feelingstrong, so we called it a warmup and figured we’d have our second game in the bag. Check out these sweet shots of our team and the day:

The bases were loaded (in every sense)

*Narrator voice* They did not have their second game in the bag.

They say that pride goeth before a fall. The second game saw the Sons fall. HARD. VOCM’s team of snipers played to slay — they started crushing and kept crushing from their first at-bat. Since the game was for a wonderful cause and because community love — and the whiff of outrageously good BBQ supplied by casino luck Water Street West —  was in the air, we stopped keeping score. All we could do was let the healing begin.

Can I get an AMEN for good friends, healthy (read: SAVAGE) competition, and celebrating our province’s heroes? Hugs and high fives to the Victoria Park Community Renewal for their dedication to preserving and enhancing a premier public space in our fair citymay we all continue to enjoy (and embarrass) ourselves therein for many years to come. If you want to help renew the heart of old St. John’s, you can help by slipping a few shekels under the door at victoriaparknl.ca

Wanna play with Team Dc? Our locker room is inclusive AF, y’all. Drop us a line at dc@dcdesignhouse.ca and our sweet string of strategic storytellers will make space on the bench for YOU. 

Looking forward,