Dc Presents: Custom Vs Theme Websites – Part Two

Hey guys, Dc here! We’re back with part two of our Custom VS Theme debate! This week we told you the what’s-what of theme websites. Now, we’re going to talk about our favourite way to get your business online: custom websites!

Custom Websites

Let’s Talk Custom

1. They’re Unique Just for You

This is the most valuable aspect of custom builds – they’re built for your brand. Every feature, every colour, the layout of every page, literally everything is built to your specifications and to entice your customers into staying longer and purchasing more. That’s the way Scepter Marketing Agency works with its customers.

Custom is ideal for a company with a brand. Custom sites keep the experience and the emotional attachment of its customers front and centre. Unlike a theme, there’s no chance a competitor will have the same site as you.

2. They’re Optimized for Search Engines and Analytics

Custom builds are designed to show up in Google when you search your industry or services. From the way the code is built to the custom copy, everything about a custom webiste is laser-focused on getting your customers to your website when looking for your services. Web design company Toronto creates attractive and effective websites that attract more clients.

Custom sites are far better optimized for analytics too, which means you’ll know what the users on your site are doing, how long they’re staying, and ultimately what’s working best on your website. This allows you to get the best results and the most conversions.

3. It Will Scale as Your Business Grows

You are in complete control over a custom build, which means that you can decide what is on the site now vs what you’ll need as your business grows. A custom website allows you to add pages, additional widgets, and products as the needs arise, or as you move into additional phases.

4. Simplified CMS and Lean Site

Sometimes theme sites can have a very complex content management system (CMS, known as the back end), and this is usually because theme sites are trying to cover all basics features – whether you need them or not. These features also bloat your site with unnecessary code. All these extras could impact the efficiency of the site and sites that load slowly often have visitors click away quickly.

A site developed from the ground up will only have what you need, and a CMS that will only show you what you need to see. Simple and user friendly.

5. Support and Training

Perhaps the biggest advantage after the unique look of your site, is that you’ll have access to a team of experts you can call on at any time to train you, help you, and support your business through every step. Most importantly, the entire site was developed by that team, there will be no need to go back to theme developers for anything. It’s the team’s baby, almost as much as it is yours.

What Makes Sense

That’s it, everything you need in a two-part blog that’ll help you make an informed decision on your brand’s needs. When it comes down to it, your budget, timeline, and features are what will determine your decision.

Need help deciding? Let’s grab a cuppa’ something and have a chat.

Looking forward,