Campaign for MusicNL 2014


Every year, MUSICNL celebrates the best in rock, country, gospel, and beyond. As a long-time musician and music lover, working with the MUSICNL brand here at our design house is more than an honour – it’s an opportunity to give back to an organization who has done so much for our community of musicians.

Receiving three past nominations (Best New Artist, Molson/Coors Pop/Rock Album of the Year, and Band of the Year) via Stereotype (a band I pop/rocked with over my glorious 20s) really made us feel recognized and appreciated for our contribution to the fabric of the big ol’ musical security blanket that us artist-types wrap ourselves in while we write, record, and perform original compositions for anyone who will listen.

This year is especially cool because, in addition to doing the branding and video work for MUSICNL, so many friends are nominated, like axe wizard Jon Howard from ROGUES, Sherri Breen, Chris Kirby, and on the list goes! Personally, I’m nominated for three awards this year: Volunteer of the Year, Graphic Artist of the Year, and Music Video of the Year, for a music video I directed for Chris Kirby (Stereotype bandmate turned solo star). Our company is also sponsoring the Male Artist of the Year award again this year, so it’ll be cool to give the award out again. If you’re in Corner Brook, make sure you hit the marketing panel – I’ll be moderating.

So. Much. Awesome!

We want to wish good luck to all the nominees and thanks to everyone who contributes to making MUSICNL what it is, especially Jen Winsor, who has given so much of herself to the brand.

Until next time, here’s a throwback to a fun little video we made last year for fun that ended up making waves on K-Rock, where they played the song on the radio and gave us some great hype; a cover of ‘Music and Friends’.

See you in Corner Brook and make sure you get out there and bend an ear to our hard working musicians!

Looking forward,