Buy & Sell: A Whole New Direction

We wanted to say so much about the Buy & Sell with so little. Here’s how we did it.

The Buy & Sell have worked with us for several years, long before my tenure, and the crazy talented team here, designed the initial round of modern graphics showing off the big decision for the Buy & Sell to go free.

Jumping In

Dc does such a great job running the line of “too much” and “charming,” and we did everything to keep that vision going.

BS-Its Free Baby-Digital Billboard Lyrics-900x563-Freddie-FINAL
No one shouts FREE like Freddie Mercury.

So, when the Buy & Sell transitioned to a free magazine, well, that was a big deal! It needed to be shouted from the rooftops with a new look that cut through the clutter. It needed to be bright, it needed to be colourful, and it needed to scream FREE.

Colour, Icons, and It’s Free Baby

The bright colours – they stand out. A lot of trendy colours right now tend to be muted and pastel(ish), these saturated blues, greens, oranges, purples, and pinks fly in the face of that trend and explode off the page. If you look at the magazine boxes (and it would be hard not to) you’ll see them from a mile out.

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The next thing you’ll notice about this creative is a lack of copy. The use of iconography allows us to say a lot without saying a word. They represent the formats you can view the Buy & Sell, to the items you’ll find inside it’s pages online and off.

We want you to see the one and only message you need to know – “It’s FREE, Baby!”

The line “It’s FREE, Baby!” was the perfect way to say it, it’s fun, light-hearted, and when you say it aloud you almost can’t help but adopt a Bruce Campbell, “Hail to the King, Baby!” pose with a wink, a grin, and an extreme sense of confidence.

Bigger is Better

You know it’s free, so why not make the magazine as big as its new brand. Moving from a letter format to a tabloid format was just another way to make Buy & Sell stand out, it allows for more content for you, and more advertising space so that the magazine will continue to be free.

The Big Moment

Overlooking the crowd and the ice at Mile One Centre during an IceCaps game the big reveal happened. The bright colours, and “It’s FREE Baby!” scrolled in circles above and below the score to a noticeable buzz flowing through the audience. Likely they were excited by the fact the magazine was now free, but we’ll pretend it was for the amazing new brand.

So what are you waiting for? Go pick up your copy today. Oh, and if you need your brand to stand out in all the right ways, give us a shout.