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Annnnd we’re back


Hey Guys, Dc here … and where is here, anyway? Depending on the months gone by, you’d be right to ask. In less than ten months we’ve moved office three times. I don’t know if you’ve ever moved a 15-ish person office. My advice? Do not.

It’s been a challenging time to say the least, but with the help of our friends (Thanks Kathie of the amazing company Spirit of Newfoundland and our super-friend-club-house Common Ground), and obvz. our amazing team, we’ve found our way back where we belong.

See? You can go home again.

I love the energy of Bates. It’s always buzzing like the hive we are, and it kinda looks like one too.

I was pumped, and wondered what the rest of the team was thinking.

“What I like about the office? The brightness on both floors when the sun shines is amazing,” says Denise, our managing partner. Motaz, our developer, says he loves how much more sunlight we have in our new/old space and how the built in desks offer us all so much more space. Kelly, project manager also mentioned the brightness and her huge new desk as reasons to celebrate her new shared office space with Theresa.

A place of our own

Theresa, one of our newest to the fold, says she loves being less than a minute’s walk from home. “There’s lots of warm, fuzzy vibes; lots of cozy places to perch ourselves and hang out; cuddle huddles; and of course workin’ on our glutes while climbing those stairs.

“The building feels friendlier, it’s sunnier and more welcoming. It feels much more like home, inspired and inspiring 🙂 AND WE HAVE A WORK DOG!,” says copywriter Nicole Button.

A hairy office mate

Alisha, our senior copywriter, started taking advantage of our dog-friendly environment by bringing in her 16-year-old beagle Cheeko. “He makes everyone smile and loves the morning walk,” she says. Jon, our senior web developer knows what his favourite part about the office is; “Cheeko.”

Home base

Darrell, our studio manager says “It feels more team oriented. Like a real home base.” Stephen, our newest graphic designer, says he’s thankful for additional desk space, meaning there’s no Sophie’s Choice about whether to have a cup of coffee or a glass of water. “When I look out my window I see a bright, thriving city bustling with activity and energy that just gets the creative juices pumping!” Being smack dab in the middle of downtown St. John’s does give us quite a view.

Our accountant Brian says there are a few pros and cons to the new space. “It feels more like a professional office setting but the coffee is a few feet further away.” Ya can’t please everyone, I guess.

Castle on the Hill

We’re just about unpacked and everyone’s bangin away on the art machines, so next time you’re in the area, call me up. We’ll have a few laughs, and talk music, marketing, or memes – because that is legit all I know about. Sorry not sorry.

Final Thought

I know it shouldn’t really matter where you work. In the digital age, where we pride ourselves on the flexibility to do whatever from wherever, I can 100 per cent say that culture matters and part of that is a HQ, or clubhouse, or inspiration superstation where the team assemble and get focused on crushing the projects that be. I’m not there every hour of the week, and I don’t expect anyone to be, but we need four walls and comfort if we’re gonna share our visions and make our dreams come to life. I hope you’ve got your happy place on lock and that your rock your week – in, and outside of the office.

Looking forward,


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