All hail, Rocktober!

Every October, MusicNL awards season comes on strong, with local artist showcases, packed clubs, nominations, national delegates, and times galore. This years conference and awards week was in St. John’s – and what a week it was. Moreover, what a month it was getting things ready!

We’ve been super tight with MusicNL for years now

I started my love-affair with the organization as a starry-eyed musician, when me and the ol’ band got our official membership to MusicNL and started to find out about the huge community of artists and all the opportunities available to us, beyond the reality of dragging our gear into the back of Trapper’s, a local bar that we played at often. Those were the daze.

From humble member to marketing partner

To have grown so close to the organization and the incredible staff and board of directors to give their time to making MusicNL what it has become, makes me feel like I’m in the right place in life. Combining my love of of music and art and our company’s ability to bring messages to the hearts and minds of our target audiences is something special.

Speaking of Music and Friends, check out this promo video we did a few years back with then-nominees Chris Kirby, Dana Parsons and Janet Cull:


With Jen Winsor, my sister in Newfoundland Music Management off to pursue excitement overseas, and with the welcome of newcomer Bonnie Federau – who is rad as hell (and who in her past life as a talent recruiter for Warner Music, turned down Nickelback more than once, proving her prowess in those actions alone), we knew change was in the air. The board decided to revamp the Conference and Awards week – same great events and showcases; different format for the awards show.

MusicNL Supershow |


What some of you forget, is that arts based organizations are just like regular businesses, but with a zillion times more heart, and often far less resources to get the job done. Helping them make this another stellar year to celebrate Newfoundland and Labrador Music and artists was a pleasure for us, because beyond the branding and the posters and the programs, the web, the show vignettes and all of those beautiful ways to reach our community, we decided to do something else…

Dc Presents: MusicNL: Livestream

Pericope is the social media darling of the year that isn’t even over yet. Live streaming content is as immediate as it gets and we wanted in! So we set up our channel and invited five or our nominated musicians to meet us on the corner of Water Street to perform a live song and have a chat, everyday of the MusicNL week. We promoted daily, beamed the live links out to the masses and even made post-show videos for keepsake. It was your typical rush of creativity, initiative and community – all our favorite things.

Curtain Calls and Congrats

To every nominated artist and industry builder, who work tirelessly in the arts to make music happen, thank you. To MusicNL and all the volunteers who made the reformatted conference and awards week the best yet, you did it!

As a past Volunteer or the Year award winner and Designer of the Year nominee, who has been nominated for four MusicNL awards, I have to say that I still wonder if I’ll ever actually win an award for music. Always the groomsman … but in a town as magical and musical as St. John’s, either way, it all sounds good to me 🙂

Looking forward to next year,