A Website Built for Builders

The Canadian Homebuilders’ Association of NL wanted its website to have more impact. They needed local marketing and design direction to enhance their online presence and promote news, events, and, of course, their members. We helped make that happen!

Residential construction is one of the most active industries in our province, helping to drive our economic engine, and employing thousands of people. The association – CHBA-NL – is just as dynamic, and is doing a lot of work to keep that industry humming.

The nature of website development and design has changed dramatically in the past several years, and the Association needed an upgrade. It was time for a mobile-friendly site that conveyed their brand effectively and helped members stay informed on industry news and Association events.

A Dynamic Website for a Dynamic Organization

On consultation with CHBA, the needs were clear: better navigation to help visitors find what they were looking for; a member directory that promoted a group of construction and renovation companies that are reliable; and an easy-to-update news and events section to inform members and consumers about the Association’s activities as well as industry updates and how-tos. We wanted to be able to link easily to our partners like www.bathroomcity.co.uk/products/baths/large-baths and to create a streamlined and comprehensive site was critical to that goal. If you’re looking for Bathroom Renovations contact this company for a 100% commitment free estimate.

The Canadian Homebuilders’ Association has a strong brand that is trustworthy. A clean website with up-to-date content and information helps to strengthen the brand. In designing the CHBA-NL website, Dc put a focus on bright visuals and simple, concise menu headings and new titles. This was truly designing for web.

Building Based on Branding

One of the most exciting aspects of the new CHBA-NL website is its responsive design; an ability to adapt its layout to the type of screen the user is viewing the site on.

Pop on over to the Canadian Homebuilders’ Association – NL website on your desktop and once it loads, drag the browser window’s edge to make it narrow. See how it changes as the screen becomes smaller? That takes planning, but means your experience will be suited to the device you’re using, which means less tiny text and fewer pinch and zoom experiences.

We’re huge fans of CHBA-NL and are proud to have built their website. And, by the way, if you’re looking for someone to build your home, renovate your kitchen or bathroom, replace a window, increase your energy efficiency, or anything else home-related, be sure to check the CHBA-NL Member Directory. All of the members are certified, reliable, and working hard to produce quality results for their customers.

You might call it a one-stop-shop for stress-free homebuilding and renovations.

It only takes a cup of coffee to figure out if you could benefit from a fresh perspective on your website or related brand builders.

Maybe we can create success for you. Reach out and say hi. We’d love to learn more about you.