A Night to Remember

One of the best parts of being engaged in our community is getting the chance to work with great organizations like the Rotary Club of St. John’s Northwest. We jumped at the opportunity to help create branding and collateral for their annual gala and auction. This year’s gala celebrated the lives and careers of John and Jane Crosbie, while raising money for the Signature Project — an affordable housing development in downtown St. John’s.

Our first challenge was figuring out how to capture the spirit of such iconic and varied careers. We were provided with a batch of photos that chronicled the Crosbie family, their life and work. We used these images to create a video collage of moments in John and Jane’s lives, including footage of their home photo-wall and archival video courtesy of NTV. It became a memorable introduction for the guests of honours’ speeches, and a visual memento of notable moments.

This event boasted an impressive roster of guest speakers – Rex Murphy, The Right Honourable Joe Clark, The Right Honourable Jean Chretien, Maureen McTeer and The Honourable Brian Tobin. So, we paired each speaker’s head shot with an iconic photo of John to adorn all the print materials. This graphic created a consistent look and feel on everything from the tickets to the billboards. Next, we developed a clean, classic and organized event program to help showcase sponsors, and keep the auction moving smoothly.

Overall, the gala was a success. VOCM carried clips of the most memorable moments (strategically editing some of the more *ahem* colourful speeches), and the food, speakers and entertainment were enjoyed by all. Most importantly, the event raised lots of cash for a very worthwhile project.

Do you have any memorable moments from a Rotary Club event? Let us know below!

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