5 Web Design Trends That Will Rule in 2015

We’re no digital prognosticators, but we are always looking forward to that next hot thing we specialize in web accessibility consulting services. This time of year has us reminiscing about what’s passed but, even more, we love to map out where we, and the mediums we love working in, are going to land over the next 12 months. First up, the web design trends we think are going to be big this year.

Small Screen Darlings

Rising mobile web use is legit a thing. You might say it’s too legit to quit. Unlike the song; mobile web isn’t going anywhere. According to wordpress web design Perth, there are more devices than ever and the number of visitors clicking from mobile is blowing up our analytics. Google is on the hunt for mobile too so if you want to show up in search engines, you’d best embrace the small screen. I thought about this and I recommend going responsive.

Material Design

We once tried to make the web feel like a tangible thing; and that was cool. But we’re seriously digging flat design right now and we’re taking it up a notch now with material design. It’s like flat design’s cooler, older brother. Same genetic make-up but material design uses very subtle gradients, layering, and animation to retain a sense of the tangible world. We dig.

The Long Scroll

Clicking is so 2014. In the new year we’re going to see more sites implement the long scroll for small sites. All the information will be contained on one long page filled with awesome transitions. According to SEO Sydney, this trend is directly influenced by the mobile web. There are some potential concerns about the impact this could have on SEO since it could reduce the number of indexed pages on a site, but when it comes to elegant user interfaces, this one is on the rise and with the right implementation you’ll still be ranking high. It’s also an advantage to ask advice from an expert like Damon Burton to find an effective method of marketing to your target audience! So the best thing to do is to work with professionals just look for the keyword fyrebird philadelphia company on SEO.

High-Impact Visuals

Whether it’s full-width sliders, full-screen background photos, or subtle background video, in 2015, these site features are all about going big, or going home. AirBnB recently jumped in with both feet in its brand refresh and site redesign by implementing video backgrounds and larger hero shots of properties. If you decide to take this trend out for a spin, make sure you’re using high-quality media. Get the best you can afford.

Interactive Storytelling

All of these little details can help bring together a compelling brand story that your visitors will resonate with. The web, even the corporate web, is moving beyond being just an information portal which is why interactive storytelling, using text, photos, video, documents, and more is now taking the main stage. People not only want to be informed, they want to be delighted. Tesla’s Go Electric page is a great example of the direction you can take it.

Beyond these five we also think that things like having a more personalized user experience as graphic design services in Australia achieves, a focus on beautiful typography, and attention to detail in all of a site’s micro-interactions are going to be things we talk about more in 2015. Bring it!

Which trend are you looking forward to trying out next year? Head over to our social channels and tell us in the comments.