Dc Presents: A Rave for the Brave: SATURDAY, JUNE 22ND!


Four years ago, I shaved my head. I had some nice hairs on the go at that time, so the vanity was real. Now, this love note isn’t about the superficial, so bear with me – my decision to shave was tied to my childhood and a friend who passed away too soon.

Philip and I were best buddies. He grew up on the next farm over and we lived our lives as true woods warriors with our friends, in the then small town of Logy Bay; though it’s more like the east end of St.John’s these days. When Phillip passed away due to young adult cancer at 22, it wasn’t something I had experienced. His dying felt strange; a frozen, compartmentalized experience.

Years later, I found myself working with Young Adult Cancer Canada (#YACC). The memories of Phillip and the experience of those living through, with, and beyond cancer has made a huge impact – in part to the realization that supporters also have needs of their own – to relate and to cope themselves.

When we think of cancer, we think research. YACC, started by Geoff Eaton – a two-time young adult cancer survivor himself, takes a different lens. Community. Support. Programs. Retreats. That’s what YACC is here for, as well as to support the needs of the young adults and their families across the country, who are affected by their diagnoses.

Shave for the Brave is the biggest fundraiser Young Adult Cancer Canada puts off annually. The Shave for the Brave is a series of Community, School, Office, and Solo Shave events held every year. It is Young Adult Cancer Canada’s (YACC) biggest fundraiser and provides funds for all of the support programs YACC provides.

Turning it up

Last year, we had a party with Fogtown and Quidi Vidi Brewery where we played tunes and had a great time raising funds, and shaving heads of those brave souls from both Fogtown and QuidiVidi Brewery. It also became our summer kick-off event and we still look back and laugh at the goings-on that night.

THIS year, we’re turnin’ it uuuuup, shaving the heads of 5 locals – myself (Dc), Chad from People Stuff, Henry from Quidi Vidi Brewery, Bob from Fogtown, and DJ Slim Macho, himself! He’s also spinning hits, along with Remix ‘86. Hence the #RAVEFORTHEBRAVE name.

HIDDEN MOTIVE: I wanted to call it a “rave” because many of us are over the negative stereotypes that come with raves – they’re nothing more than community gatherings where people can come together to celebrate. Raves originated as a safe place for minority groups of any kind to come together, and when you consider that isolation and depression are critical factors for anyone when overcoming a challenge in life such as cancer, a rave for the brave just makes sense. To highlight this message, Yungdumb Educational coordinator Meghan Forcey will be in the house to help connect the dots during the main event.

Ready to rock and rave

We’ve got door prizes from Collingwood Spirit’s and Wines, and a metric TONNE of support. Donations are rolling in and we’re ready to roll deep into our summer kick-off dance party and fun-RAZOR.

There are large symbolic and emotional components to any Shave event, and each shaver has specific reasons as to why they are bearing it all.

Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram #raveforthebrave to hear their stories, and come get allll the way down with us on Saturday, June 22 to support these guys and YACC in the fight against cancer.


Tickets are only $10 and they won’t last long, so get yours today!

Can’t make it to the event? No sweat – there are other ways that you can get in on the fun:

  • Not about shaving your head? Make a donation here.
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