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Last month, our resident digital gurus/strategists/powerhouses got to spend a day with Google, right here in St. John’s, at Grow With Google. The day was filled with sessions by Google experts, with all kinds of Q&A and networking opportunities. But enough from me. Here’s Vicky — the pride of St. Bride’s herself! — to tell you all about it. Have at ‘er, V!

Ideas, ideas, ideas!

What I love almost as much as working right in the heart of downtown St. John’s is being able to learn from the best in the biz! Last month, Theresa and I went to Grow With Google at the Emera Innovation Exchange at Memorial University’s new Signal Hill Campus.

We started with a session titled “How to Get Found on Google Search and Maps.” Then, we moved on to two more sessions: “Intro to Online Marketing” and “Using Data to Drive Growth.” Dave Delaney from Google had so much to tell us about how to maximize the Google tools we already use to help our clients’ businesses succeed— Google Trends, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google My Business, Google Search Console…the list goes on!

Theresa and I were so excited to learn from Google that we spent the whole day — even our lunch break — coming up with new ideas for our clients’ websites, content marketing opportunities, digital footprints, and more. It was the best time!

Google gets it.

For me, the most interesting takeaway from our day with Google was how they thought about local audiences with everything they did.

Outside the venue — at the windiest spot in the city — Google had a welcome booth where we got swag bags, takeaway pieces, and snowballs and hot chocolate from one of our favourite local businesses: Rocket Bakery! Then, in the main conference room, we got to munch on all kinds of local treats like more Rocket snowballs, Five Brothers Artisan Cheese curds, The St. John’s Fermentary kombucha, Purity Jam-Jams, and sweets from Peace by Chocolate. So good!

What’s also cool is that we got an awesome booklet that summarizes each presentation and includes St. John’s-branded graphics! It’s so sweet to see little pieces of home interpreted like that.

This wasn’t just a day for marketers and tech people — it was for everyone. We met so many small business owners, along with digital marketing experts, members of the provincial and federal governments, lawyers, professors, writers, and beyond! I’m super impressed by how inclusive the event was and how Google thought of just about everything.

I love how much our team loves learning. And who better to learn from than freakin’ Google?! To find out how we can optimize your business with all this new knowledge, contact us anytime. Looking forward,

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